Let's make digital shopping possible for everyone.

We have developed an innovative and exclusive high value-added business technology platform, dobuy, focused on transactional financial products and services, trade and investments, with a high level of reliability, solidity, security and Blockchain Technology.

We bring together professionals and specialized minds, with many years of experience, focused to offer our customers, exclusive products and services in assets and digital currencies, high performance management, differentiated service, credibility and transparency.

We are a high Technology and Financial Services Company. We are a professional team with a high track record and a dedicated team of expert analysts in cryptomarkets and digital assets.

Technology, Infrastructure and security, market intelligence, strategic vision, financial and business consulting, digital marketing, financial services, trade and investments.

The dobuy project aims to connect and empower the global community through its technology platform and services.

Our mission is to offer innovative payment services and systems at the touch of a finger through a secure, easy-to-use and, above all, globally accepted digital currency. We want to increase the accessibility, security and efficiency of global financial systems in both developing and developed countries.

dobuy will contribute to the sustainable growth of several segments and ecosystems such as tourism, real estate, logistics, sports marketing, entertainment, remittances, micro payments, international trade, among others, mainly to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The dobuy technology platform allows you to convert major digital currencies to each other for a minimal fee using local currency exchanges, allowing people to trade their peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currencies.

This innovative Blockchain-based infrastructure solution allows businesses and users in developing countries to be included and have a greater share in the global economy, taking advantage of the benefits of the growing cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency market.

dobuy offers diversified financial services such as money transfers, currency exchange, payment systems, point of sale (POS), investment products and others using Blockchain technology.

dobuy creates superior competitive advantage and above-average returns for local communities and investors.