Depositing FIAT currencies (USD, BRL, EUR, AED) into a Dobuy Wallet – via Bank Transfer

Here's how to make a Fiat coin deposit via Bank Transfer in the Dobuy App.

Assista ao vídeo ou siga os passos descritos abaixo.

1. Go to the Dobuy App home screen.

2. On the App Start screen, go to "Fiat Deposits".

* If you see a notification saying “Wait for data approval”, please perform or wait for your Identity Verification before proceeding with the steps below.

3. Selecting the currency.

Tap the acronyms to select the currency you want to use for the transfer.

You can choose BRL, USD, EUR or AED.

4. Select the Bank.

4.1  Select one of the Banks available to receive the selected currency.

(the bank icon will be colored when selected)

5. How much do you want to deposit?

5.1  Enter the amount of the chosen currency that you wish to deposit.

5.2  With the fields selected and filled in,
 tap “Deposit into Account”.

6. Check screen and Account data for you to transfer.

A conference screen will appear with the amount to be deposited and the Bank Account data that you will use for the transfer.

A)  Check your deposit data.

B)  Copy the Bank Account data.

C)  Tap the “Next ->” button

7. Now, go to the PIX function of the source Bank application.

7.1  Perform the transfer with the value using the Value and Key copied in the previous step.

7.2  Save the proof of the PIX transfer so that you can attach it in step 8 below. 

8. Attaching the voucher to the Dobuy App

8.1  After performing your PIX transfer in the home bank application, go back to the Dobuy Application.

8.2  Touch the icon ” (+) ” to Attach your voucher.

8.3  Find the voucher on your device and tap to select.

8.4  With the voucher image attached, tap the ” (✓) ” button to complete the operation.

9. Sucess!

Your balance in BRL will be credited to your Dobuy wallet as soon as it is identified by the platform.