How to Access the installed Dobuy App

Here is how to access the Dobuy App for the first time on your smartphone.

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1. Open the Dobuy App installed on your Smartphone.

2. Welcome screen.

Read the welcome messages and tap “Next”.

3. On the home screen, tap the "Sign In" button.

4. Allow the Dobuy App to access your Smartphone's camera.

5. A QR Code Scanner will open on your Screen with your smartphone's camera.

With the scanner open, access your QR Code.
(see step 06 below)

6. Accessing your QR Code:

6.1  On another device, go to the link in your browser.

6.2  Enter your login information.

6.3  Click the “Login” button.

entrar pc
autenticacao app

6.4  On the home screen, click “App Authentication”.

6.5  On your first login, click the “Request Pin” button.

6.6  A code will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

request pin - pt
validar pin

6.7  Copy the code to confirm your security PIN.

6.8  With the code entered, click on “Validate PIN”.

6.9  Please wait.
The QR code will be displayed.

7. Scanning the QR code:

7.1  Pick up the Smartphone with the Dobuy App scanner open.

7.2  Scan the QR code.

qr code - acesso app

8. If this is your first access, you will be shown a screen to set your preferences.

8.1  Choose the currency you want to use as default in the application.

8.2  Choose the language you want to use.

8.3  Tap “Next”.

8.4  Now upload a profile picture.
(*this step is optional)

To attach your profile picture to the app, choose:

A)  “Pick from gallery
To choose a profile picture that is already in your gallery.


B)  “Pick from Camera”
To take a new picture with your Smartphone’s camera.

8.5  To finish tap the “Finish” button

9. You are now logged in.

To access the home screen of the Application, tap “Sign In”.

10. Welcome to the home screen of your Dobuy application!