See how to sell DBY on the Dobuy App.

Watch the video or follow the steps described below.

ATTENTION: To open a sell order it is necessary to have a positive balance in your DBY portfolio on the Dobuy platform.

1. Trading Currencies

1.1  From the home screen, tap “Trade Currencies”.

2. Selecting Trade option

2.1 Under Trade Dobuy select the option corresponding to the fiat or cryptocurrency you wish to convert your DBYs to.


3. Selecting Sell

3.1  On the negotiation screen, tap “Sell”.

4. Choosing the Order Type

4.1  On the sell tab you can choose between two Order types:

A) Total Order

To enter the fiat currency amount you wish to receive when converting your DBYs.

B) Order of Quantity

To enter the amount of DBY you want to sell.

4.2  After entering the total amount or quantity, tap “Sell”.

5. Confirming Conversion

5.1  Then confirm the conversion.

That's it!

Wait for the Order to be processed.

Your DBY will be converted and credited in the currency you chose in step 2.