Here's how to send DBY to another Dobuy wallet, using a receiving address or by scanning a QR code.

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1. Accessing your Wallet.

1.1  On the home screen, look for “Portfolios”.

2. Selecting DBY.

2.1  Tap DBY and then tap “Send”.

3. Adding recipient.

3.1  In the “Address” field, enter the recipient’s receiving address or tap the button next to it to scan a QR code.

ATTENTION – Each address and QR code is valid for only one transaction

If an error occurs, request a new code for the recipient.

4. Entering the amount of DBY.

4.1  In the “Quantity” field, enter the amount of DBY you wish to send.

5. Completing Shipment.

5.1 To confirm the transaction, tap “Place Order”. 

Note: This service is subject to charges.

The system will send you a confirmation E-mail.

Once it is confirmed, the DBYs will be transferred from your wallet to the destination wallet.