The success of dobuy (DBY) in real cases will increase its day-to-day market valuation, through purchases of goods and services, transfers of resources, acquisition of products and services, making payments, investments and other activities of different businesses and sectors of the economy. The success story of dobuy (DBY) is because it was planned from its inception to overcome barriers and meet needs in a real world scenario in a more agile, easy, inclusive and low-cost way, unlike traditional financial institutions.

The aggregation of multiple financial services into a secure, auditable DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) environment has made financial services completely transparent and trusted to users.

The new financial world is transparent, this can only be achieved with the use of blockchain technology (DLT- Distributed Ledger Technology) where all transactions are public, but at the same time maintain the veracity, confidentiality and security of customers. The immutable dobuyLEDGER keeps track of all transactions and user balances, this means avoiding fraud or money laundering in association with the strong dobuy policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) the dobuy platform is another dimension in comparison with current traditional financial companies.

Transaction tracking through the blockchain allows for daily auditing of the platform by third-party associations, maintaining true platform assessment and increasing security for investors and customers.



dobuyLEDGER is a large public ledger where all dobuy transactions (DBY) are recorded and easily audited securely and transparently on the dobuy financial platform. The dobuy solution is registered in the blockchain BINANCE SMART CHAIN (, one of the largest and most modern DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) ecosystems in the world, secure, consolidated and recognized in the crypto market , allowing a decentralized application.


dobuyCOIN is the main digital financial asset used for financial transactions on the dobuy platform. dobuy is a smart contract (cryptocurrency) token BEP-20 with a very well-established financial track record. BEP-20 tokens are smart contracts that run on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain, operating within a programmatic framework that is broad enough to allow for different uses without interrupting blockchain operation.


dobuyDAX is a digital asset exchange that does not operate in global mode, which means that dobuyDAX has multiple jurisdictions to provide services around the world. The exchange has initiated partnerships and negotiations with other crypto exchanges (TOP 20) around the world with the objective of maximizing the number of digital financial transactions, providing liquidity and access to clients and investors.


dobuyPAY is based on a universal wallet (multiwallet), where customers can keep multiple digital cryptocurrencies and usual fiat currencies in the same location. This allows for great agility and speed for various types of financial transactions in real time. The platform can be connected, by way of API (Application Programming Interface), with various commercial establishments and companies around the world and, through strategic partnerships, with major credit card, payment and settlement processors.

dobuyPAY will provide POS (Point Of Sale) services in real time and at much lower rates, with automatic conversion of dobuy (DBY) into local currency or another crypto as a service. Security is at the heart of the solution, with two-factor authentication and full auditing for daily monitoring of transaction volume and enhancement of the BEP-20 smart contract (the token that is an extension of the ERC-20 token standard with some functions and features predefined in the smart contract) instantly convert payments to cash or cryptocash.


Smartcards are present in everyday life and are used by all customers in most financial services, dobuyCASH will bring this facility to users of the dobuy platform. With the platform’s wallet services, dobuyCOIN and the dobuyCASH card will allow the user to use the card at points of sale, ATMs and other financial services in the dobuy ecosystem.

Integration with credit card processors and conventional payment systems will allow the user to spend their dobuy (DBY) at various accredited establishments with the advantage of automatically and in real time converting any fiduciary or digital currency when making payments and withdrawals, in addition to participating in benefits and loyalty programs, cashback, rewards and others.


Between the Ledger layer and the financial platform layer, communication is established through a standardized application programmable interface (API- Application Programming Interface). Using these standard multiple platforms in the system can be easily built as verticals on top of the base layer of the dobuyLedger.
In the future, new platforms and solutions that offer additional functionality may be used by communities, forums and other companies through role-specific APIs with access to the dobuy platform and software. Market participants and communities offering services to companies will be able to use the dobuy infrastructure by connecting to one or several systems using specific APIs provided by the platform or developed by companies in the market or by dobuy communities.